Gas Stations

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Revolutionizing Pay at the Pump

Minimal Maintenance

Save over 80% on your average cost for maintenance and repairs. With modern technology that’s simple to use, maintenance is minimal and updates are automatic.

Immense ROI

Celebrate a huge return on investment with built-in inventory management, mix and match discounts, unsold item reports, and reduced employee theft – just to name a few.

Secure Payments

Eliminate your fraud liability. Rapid Onsite’s secure mobile payment acceptance and EMV compliance gives you and your customers peace of mind.

Low Overhead Cost

Installation is can be done within hours. Our team of distributors and installers are expertly trained to get you up and running quicker and smoother than ever before. 

Simple to Learn

It’s easy to train employees on Rapid Onsite. With the familiar technology of an iPad, your staff will be trained to check-out quickly and hassle-free. 

Multi-Store Management

Manage multiple locations anywhere, anytime with Rapid Onsite. Remotely update pricing, track inventory, monitor employees, and set promotions for any store you manage.


Unlimited Pumps

Control an unlimited number of fuel pumps from anywhere.

Remote Control

Authorize, resume, and stop pumps remotely.

Quick Price Changes

Quickly change gas prices both on-site and remotely.

Balance Transfers

Transfer balances between pumps with ease.

Prepay and Postpay

Plus mobile payment coming soon!

Customer Counts

Track number of customers quickly and easily.


Inventory Management

Fuel inventory management with hourly sales reports.

Track Sales

Tracking refunds, voids, and fuel sales by fuel type and fuel prices per gallon.

And So Much More

Coming soon…