Set Up and Activate Your Register

First, download the Rapid RMS app from the App Store.

Open the app, then login with your main account’s email and password.

If you have signed up for multiple locations, you will have the option to select which store you want to activate for this device.

Click on the yellow Available tab.

At the top, enter a device name. It can be anything, but each device’s name must be unique (e.g. POS1 and POS2).

Now, activate the modules needed.

  • If you are using Rapid Onsite to control fuel dispensers, you will need to select Rapid Cash Register + GAS.
  • If you do not have a store that sells fuel or uses Rapid Onsite, you need to select Rapid Cash Register.
  • We recommend all stores to select Inventory Management as well. This will allow you to manage your inventory within the app.

Click Save & Close. Now you’re all set up!

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