Recall Invoice on Hold

1: Open rapid rms application.

2: Go to inventory management.

3: Click on recall.


In recall, all invoices display which you had already put on hold.

24: Click on invoice on which you want to proceed further.

5: List of item display which you had put on hold.

36: Click on item and open it in edit mode to change stock of item.

7: Click on back arrow to give back without change stock and click on bottom arrow after qty change.


8: Also you can create new item from here also. And search existing item for add by UPC search and search option.

9: If you want to remove added item then swipe item and click on delete.


  • If you think process is still not complete than click on hold to put again invoice on hold. Otherwise click on reconcile.
  • If you put on hold then invoice will display in recall and if you reconcile then you can see this invoice in reconcile.
  • Reconciled invoices are not display in recall.