Join Count in Inventory Count

Inventory count provides facility to count item with different places and with different user.

For example two person want to count one item stock which is placed at various places in store they can use join count facility. Let suppose one person start counting items and after while other person want to start counting for the same then he can join previous via join count module.

1: Open rapid rms application.

2: Go to inventory count module.

3: Click on join count option.


  • In join, list of all recall invoices display. And also display invoices which are present in reconcile. You can join invoices which are on hold and also you can join invoices which are reconciled but not completed.
  • You can join all the invoices which are not completed.


  • It display with created date at when you have started counting.

t4: Click on invoice which you want to join.

5: Click on Add.


  • You can create new item, Also add new item and can put invoice on hold and also you can reconcile invoice.
  • Another option is view. If you want to see that in this invoice how many items are reconciled from other place then click on view.


  • By clicking on view you can see all the items which are added from here or other places also.
  • When you click on unmatched then list of items display which new added stock is not match with original stock available in inventory.
  • And vice versa matched is display list of item which new added stock is match with original stock available in inventory.
  • Click on Uncounted option to see which items are not calculated from inventory. Items are not display which are in process, Means if item is either in recall or in join or in reconcile then it will not display.