Set Up Variation Pricing

Variance is a facility provided by rapid rms that you can define variance price of that item. If item have more than one form then variance is defined. For example in pizza there is variety in size i.e small, large jumbo etc. So all are variance of pizza.

Variance is only for restaurant module.

1: Open RAPID RMS application in IOS.

2: Select inventory management from Dashboard

13: Open any item in edit mode or create new item.

4: Go to variance field.

25: Click on ADD GROUP.

6: Add variance name.


  • You can select from existing variable group or can create new variance also.
  • You can add maximum three variance (group title) in one item. And in one group multiple type is allow to add.
  • For one group at least one type is compulsory to add.
  • Also you can delete existing variance and variance type by clicking on delete button.


How to add pricing of variance ?

  • First of all from pricing tab select option ‘variance’ or ‘variance+retail’.
  • When variance option is selected then in item case and pack not allow to enter.
  • And when variance is selected then only price for variance is display in pricing tab.



When variance+retail is selected then you can add case and pack variance value.