Recommended Hardware


Apple iPad

Rapid RMS works on any Apple iPad running iOS 8 and above.


We recommend the Apple iPad Pro with LTE Cellular built-in to serve as a back-up to your internet connection.


iPad Stand

Any iPad stand that fits your iPad will work.


For maximum adjustability and a sleek aesthetic that your customers will notice (and comment on) we like this Joy stand.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 3.56.40 PM

Receipt Printer

We support any receipt printer that takes 3-inch paper and connects through bluetooth or ethernet cable.


We recommend the Star Micronics Thermal Receipt Printer which connects to your internet network via an ethernet cable.


Cash Drawer

Our system will support any cash drawer that connects to your receipt printer.


We recommend the APG cash drawer which connects to the receipt printer with an included telephone cable.


Bluetooth Scanner

You may use any bluetooth-enabled scanner that can scan barcodes.


We like the TK Scanner because it can be used in a stationary or handheld position. It also is able to scan barcodes whether they are oriented vertically or horizontally.


Printer Cable

You may use any interface cable that connects your cash drawer to the receipt printer.


This APG CD-101A Printer Cable will connect your cash drawer and printer.

Optional Hardware


Pax s300 Credit Card Reader

This $425 device is compatible with First Data credit card processing. Accepts mag swipe, EMV (chip card) as well as mobile payments (like Apple Pay).

NOTE: This unit must be encrypted for a particular protocol. For that reason, please talk to us before buying this piece of hardware


Ethernet Switch for Pax S300

The 5-port gigabit TP-Link TL-SG105 ethernet switch is fast, well-built and easy to use.