Add and Edit Taxes

Creating Taxes in Rapid RMS App

Before you start ringing up customers, you will need to create the types of taxes that will be applied to items. If you would like to create taxes in Back office, click here.

1: Open the Rapid RMS app on your iPad

2: Click Inventory Management from the Dashboard.

Inventory Management Arrow

3: Enter passcode.

4: Click the Item Management menu icon.

Select Menu with Arrow

5: Click Tax Master.

Tax Master Arrow

6: Click New Tax.

New Tax Arrow

7: Enter the following information:

Add Tax Description

  • Tax: You will name the tax. For example, sales tax.
  • Type: You will define whether the tax is a fixed dollar amount or percentage.
  • Amount: You will enter the amount of the tax. For example, 9.25

8: Click Save when finished.